Improve your diesel’s fuel economy while increasing torque and power! We custom tune turbo diesel vehicles of all makes and models. This will increase performance throughout the entire RPM range and also increase torque which is important in towing applications. Fuel economy will actually also be increased and emmisions lowered, so you get all the rewards without any catches. We tune turbo and non-turbo vehicles such as 4WD’s, SUV’s, Vans, Utes, Euro sedans and hatches.

If you’re after the best, BTA Motorsports is the only choice in diesel ECU and flash custom dyno tuning.
Rest assured your vehicle is in the best hands.

General and specialized diesel services available at BTA Motorsports:

• Smoking Exhausts
• Lack of power
• Trouble shooting for all Diesel 4WDs
• Electronic Diesel Diagnostics
• Factory turbo power enhancements
• Diesel Performance Tuning
• Diesel Injector Cleaning
• Injector Pump Repair and Servicing
• Increase Horsepower
• Increase Torque
• Lower Emmisions
• Improve Fuel Economy
• Improve Drivability
• Custom Vehicle Tune
• Upgrade Turbocharger Tune