Ford ZF 6-speed Transmission

Suitable for all Ford FPV, XR6T as well as the V8 Coyote and all European vehicles carrying ZF6HP26 transmissions.

These are ZF 6HP26 Automatic Transmissions (available in various options) and can include the unique BTA Billet Input and Intermediate shafts. The BTA billet shafts provide more structural integrity and are capable of coping with the demands of heavily modified engines. Download the BTA Billet Transmission Shaft Brochure.

These transmissions are fully rebuilt in-house by the experienced BTA technicians and have been tested and proven to handle in excess of 1000hp.

Included in the kit:
• BTA Billet Input & Intermediate Shafts
• BTA modified Valve Bodies
• BTA Spec Friction Plates
• BTA modified Oil Galleries
• BTA Spec Bushing Kit
• BTA Spec Drums and Pistons
• BTA Modified Planetary Gears
• BTA Spec transmission housing for heat transfer
All transmissions are precision built and have been testing and developing products since the release of the ZF6HP26.