BTA loves the R35 GTR!


Here at BTA Motorsport we have big plans for the R35 GT-R. We have developed a full line of kits with our usual Stage 1 – Stage 4 performance upgrade kits as well as full engine builds and gearbox upgrades.


We have teamed up with COBB tuning software for getting the most out of the Nissan GT-R on the dyno. COBB are the world’s most respected manufacturer of tuning products and BTA have chosen to use their software because of their proven results with the R35 GT-R.


We also have a R35 GT-R in house project car in the work and we can promise it will be the highest powered, fastest GT-R you have ever seen! This project car is our test bed for developing our signature high power packages and dial them in for the R35.


With our brand new all-wheel-drive dyno we can now offer a full range of tuning and diagnostic services for all GTRs.