AMG CLA45 with Stage 2


There really isn’t much not to like about the AMG CLA45. It’s fast, it’s well appointed and it really defines the term “Euro Performance”.


The interior is top notch, as you would expect from AMG and the quality extends to the exterior of the car. But, just like any car, a bit more power wouldn’t go astray.


The owner of this AMG CLA45 requested our Stage 2 Upgrade which consists of:
• Full ECU remap + dyno tune
• Full Exhaust upgrade
• Cold Air Intake


After the upgrade, the power output jumped to a healthy 320hp (78hp gain).

At BTA Motorsports we don’t believe in a “Universal Tune”. We believe each car is different and deserves a fully custom tune specifically designed for that one car.

That’s why when you bring your European performance vehicle to us, we won’t just install a one-size-fits-all tune. We’ll map the ECU exactly to your vehicle’s requirements.

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