Mercedes GLE350 with Stage 1


Mercedes GLE350 is a luxury SUV that’s quickly gaining popularity in Australia.


It’s easy to see why. Its luxury appointments and smooth ride ensures the owners are kept happy while driving.


At 2175kg it’s no lightweight but with a simple Stage 1 tune the 3.0-litre V6 turbo diesel can move the car along with ease.


This 2015 GLE350 came to us stock and made 182hp at the wheels. The power outputĀ jumped to 226hp after the tune. The gains in torque were also quite substantial and consistent across the rpm range.


At BTA Motorsports we don’t believe in a “Universal Tune”. We believe each car is different and deserves a fully custom tune specifically designed for that one car.


That’s why when you bring your European performance vehicle to us, we won’t just install a one-size-fits-all tune. We’ll map the ECU exactly to your vehicle’s requirements.

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