Euro Performance Specialists!


While some workshops claim to “specialise” in European performance vehicles, the truth is, many of them lack the necessary equipment, skills and experience to service, let alone tune these highly complex machines.


European brands like BMW, Mercedes-Benz (AMG), Porsche or Audi spend millions of dollars developing their cars so why risk it by leaving them with an inexperienced or unqualified workshop.


At BTA Motorsports we know what it takes to ensure your European car performs at its optimum. Our experienced technicians are fully trained and know all the ins and outs of these cars.


Apart from regular logbook and general servicing we also offer dyno tuning and performance upgrades for most popular European makes and models.


Ali is a nationally recognised specialist in performance tuning and with hundreds of successful upgrades under his belt you can rest assured he can find plenty of extra power laying dormant inside your engine!


At BTA Motorsports we don’t believe in a “Universal Tune”. We believe each car is different and deserves a fully custom tune specifically designed for that one car.


That’s why when you bring your European performance vehicle to us, we won’t just install a one-size-fits-all tune. We’ll map the ECU exactly to your vehicle’s requirements.


Each car receives individual care and attention it deserves. After all, we know how passionate you are about your ride!

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