Transmission repair is a major, time consuming and most often expensive automotive repair. That’s why it’s so important to keep your transmission properly maintained.


BTA Motorsports offers numerous transmission rebuild and custom build options for the popular Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore models.

All BTA Motorsport Ford and Holden transmissions are guaranteed to surpass their OEM counterparts in terms of longetivity and performance.


We have many standard and performance transmissions options for classic and newer Mercedes Vehicles. BTA Motorsports can provide a standard service, troubleshoot, rebuild and/or toughen up your Mercedes automatic gearbox.


Nissan’s flagship is a a very complex machine with one of the most intricate components being its automatic transmission.

At BTA Motorsports we pride ourselves in being able to not just service but also rebuild and custom build transmissions for the R35 GTR. Whether it’s a daily driver, tough street car or a race car, with a BTA transmission your car will perform like no other.

When your factory gearbox can’t handle the power your engine is making it’s time to look at a BTA-spec race spec or upgraded transmission. From modified valve bodies, custom shift kits, heavy duty clutches, sprags and input shafts we can custom build a high performance box to suit your requirements.