Automotive Repairs & Maintenance

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Keeping your vehicle in good shape is what we are all about at BTA Motorsports. Although your vehicle may simply look like it’s made up of an engine and 4 wheels, there are many electrical and mechanics systems that work in between to keep everything performing the way it should be. This leaves the opportunity for a number of problems to arise over the lifetime of your car during everyday use. Our professional team are here to give your car a thorough diagnosis and ensure that all the major and minor systems are working to their full potential and that you can drive safely without major failure.

If you feel that there is an issue occurring with your car and is not sounding or performing the way it once was, allow our team to investigate what the potential issues may be. Using the latest diagnostic and automotive equipment, it allows us to determine what may be causing your issue and provide you with a report of what we find and how we can solve the problem.

We may also be able to provide options on possible upgrades for parts that need to be replaced so that you can squeeze out a bit more performance or efficiency for our performance frenzy customers!

No matter what the problem may be, whether it is an issue with your suspension, brakes, clutch or steering, our professional team of mechanics will be able to sort it out for you and get you back on the road in no time with a guarantee that your car will be performing as good as, or even better than before.