Transmission Repairs

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The transmission of your car is an important system that is responsible for transferring the power generated by the engine through to the wheels and down into the road. Whether your car uses an automatic or manual transmission, this is done through different gears which have different torque ratios depending on how fast your car needs to move. If there are any problems with this transmission system it could result in a severe lack of power and could result in excessive fuel consumption.

Picking up on the early signs of a transmission problem could be vital in getting those issues sorted out before they result in a breakdown of your car. Generally a transmission problem could be determined by the slipping of a gear, this means that if you are driving an automatic car you may be pressing down on the accelerator pedal but not experiencing an increase of speed even though you can hear the engine and revs increase, or in a manual car it could be increasingly difficult to physically change between gears and sometimes hearing it grind or clunk.

Depending on what the transmission issue may be, a repair could range from a simple fluid change to a major failure that would cost more than what the car is worth, that’s why it is important to have your transmission inspected by our professional team so that there is nothing missed when determining the fault. An incorrect diagnosis could result in future problems and a larger repair bill over time.