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Most vehicles are not performing up to their maximum potential and this is generally a result of the car not being tuned to get the most out of it, this is where our high-performance Dyno Tuning can help. Dyno Tuning can improve many aspects of your vehicle’s performance such as poor gas mileage, starting issues, pinging and lack of power. The first step in this tuning process is to send it through a run on our dynamometre system, this will give us a baseline reading of the horsepower, torque and air to fuel mixture.Coqnu _ FreeXxx4u

Once the initial reading is taken, we will perform tweaks and adjustments to your car on things such as the fuel and air ratio or engine timing to get the optimal performance out of the engine. You will then be given a detailed print out of the old and new tuning so you can see the difference our high-performance tuning has made. A professional Dyno Tuning can improve your car’s fuel economy, maximum power and all-round driveability and give you a smoother ride.

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