Bringing our ‘Monster’ F6 back to life with our latest project, ‘MENACE’. This beauty sure tested the boundaries on the FG F6 motors. It comes with years of research and development to achieve solid results in the automotive industry and it’s exactly what we have done! With most components in the engine bay practically being custom made, this ‘Monster’ has much to show with some serious gear under the bonnet.

Providing reliable, useable horsepower, the following mods were carried out to make sure it could handle whatever Billy threw at it.

Starting with our very own BUILTBYALI stage 4 engine package, 6-Boost T4 exhaust manifold, whistling through with a Borg Warner S372SXE turbocharger, Turbosmart 60mm wastegate, our BTA custom 4” dump pipe and full 4” exhaust system, fuelled with our BTA custom E85 set up, cooled by  the Process West stage 3 intercooler set up, our BTA stage 3 ZF transmission with a 3200 RPM converter and an upgraded 1200hp custom tail shaft.

Its not complete until we finish it off with a custom dyno tune where we spend time to run the newly built engine and optimise the tune to ensure its running perfectly. As if it was just to come out of the factory!

Netting over 600kW at the wheels, this will surely be one beast to watch.

WhatsApp Image 2019-11-15 at 4.01.36 PM