Here at BTA Motorsport we love the R35 GT-R. It’s big, bold and it delivers amazing performance and handling right out of the box.

But the R35 GTR is also a very complex car that requires expertise and experience when it comes to servicing. At BTA Motorsport we offer a full range of standard maintenance and logbook services for the R35 GTR.

Of course not everyone is happy with what the factory car offers. At BTA Motorsports we understand that and have developed a comprehensive range of performance upgrades starting from a simple dyno tune, all the way to a full engine, gearbox and suspension packages.


We have teamed up with COBB tuning software for getting the most out of the Nissan GT-R on the dyno. COBB are the world’s most respected manufacturer of tuning products and BTA have chosen to use their software because of their proven results with the R35 GT-R.

Performance Packages

BTA Custom dyno tune and ECU remap


• Exhaust mid and dump pipes
• Cold Air Induction
• High Flow Injectors
• BTA Custom dyno tune and ECU remap

• BTA intake pipe
• BTA Turbo inlets
• BTA Dump pipes & exhaust system
• BTA Fuel system upgrade
• BTA Intercooler and piping kit
• Cobb access port
• BTA Custom dyno tune and ECU remap

• BTA spec full exhaust system
• BTA Turbo inlets
• Upgraded turbos
• BTA Fuel system upgrade
• External wastegates and BOVs
• External Boost Controller
• BTA Custom dyno tune and ECU remap

Custom Engine Builds

We can also custom-build an engine for your R35 GTR with a stroker kit and hand-picked, top quality internals, ready for some extreme horsepower.


All work is done in-house by a team of qualified technicians who understand the car and the technology.


When you’re ready to turn your R35 into a beast make sure to give us a call on 02 9789 6075 or email: