445x410x100 Pro Series Intercooler



445x410x100 Pro Series Intercooler

Part Number: IC100-445x410-Pro-Series


Weight: 11 kg
Length: 70 cm
Width: 30 cm
Height: 15 cm

Plazmaman Universal Pro Series Intercooler

Standard Specifications;

  • 1400-1800 hp Rated efficiency.
  • Perfect for turbocharged or supercharged vehicles. We have specific cores to suit both applications. (Please choose correct forced Induction type in checkout).
  • Lightweight tube & fin race spec core design.
  • Fabricated bottom inlet/outlet end tanks, with 3.5? (90mm) push-on hose style connection. Plazmaclamp outlets optional.
  • Available in Raw, Black or Polished finish.

Product Options;

  • This intercooler can be ordered with hose style bottom inlet/outlet end tanks.
  • This intercooler can be ordered with Plazmaclamp assemblies.
  • We can build a completely custom end tank style – please Contact Us to discuss further options.

**Although it is not recommended, we can manufacture these intercoolers with smaller diameter inlet and outlet sizes to allow for some compact installations. However, to achieve the maximum flow and power benefit from this intercooler core, we suggest 3.5? (90mm) outlets, in either push-on hose style, or Plazmaclamps**

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