XR6 Falcon BA/BF Stage 3 Piping Kit 1000hp – Hot & Cold



XR6 Falcon BA/BF Stage 3 Piping Kit 1000hp – Hot & Cold

Part Number: XR6BA-PPK-STG3


Weight: 6 kg
Length: 40 cm
Width: 30 cm
Height: 20 cm

This competition piping kit is to suit the Ford Falcon BA, and BF XR6 Turbo models. This is what we call the “Stage 3? piping kit, which uses the same pipes included in our 1000hp Ford Intercooler package. Completely constructed from CNC aluminium mandrel bent piping, this kit prevents any flex or compression under high RPM and boost levels. Another advantage of running a larger than factory internally smooth hard pipe is that it encourages earlier turbo spool up and better throttle response throughout the rev range.

The cold side piping  is 3.0?, and goes from the throttle body, to the passenger side of the intercooler. On the driver’s side, the piping is 2.75?, and goes from the intercooler, to the compressor outlet of the turbocharger. This means the car is hard piped from the throttle body, all the way to the turbocharger. Hard piping allows for greater air flow, and it’s aluminium construction won’t collapse or flex under boost like a factory rubber constructed hose. There are two silicon hose choices for the turbocharger, one being to suit the factory turbo (2.0?), and one to suit the popular 0.70a/r compressor housing upgrade (2.5”).

This piping kit will fit the factory intercooler, or almost any width side to side entry / exit intercoolers on the market.

  • The piping is available in three finishes; raw, polished and stealth black.
  • The silicone hose is also available in two colours, blue or black.

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